3D Printing Digital Factory  Software for Dental Laboratory

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For DLP/LCD Printer

VoxelDance tailors a highly automated digital dental production platform for customers.

Eplus3D & VoxelDance

meet the needs of dental customers for high automation and high productivity

Today, a lot of Eplus 3D customers are printing crowns and bridges but also Partial Framework for the dental industry.

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Use Cases

Discover the projects we’ve worked on for the dental vertical by reading some of our use cases.

VoxelDance & Chamlion Efficiency Enhancement in Metal Dental

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VoxelDance software has great performance in efficiency. On the build plate of Chamlion dual laser metal 3D printer NCL-M2150T, the whole plate preparation time rapidly gets shortened to about 20 minutes.

For Orthodontic dental mold, reduce to 5 opration steps

For general dental printing

Highly Automated Data Preparation Workflow 

in VoxelDance

For SLM Printer

VoxelDance improves the efficiency of data preparation, optimizes the quality of the printing, and enhances the competitiveness of metal dentistry solution.

Powerful and efficient Data Preparation Workflow in VoxelDance

"Compared with other 3D printing software in the market, Voxeldance Tango is more in line with the needs of dental applications. It's simple and easier to use for the beginners. The future can be expected."


——Sales engineer, Liang Hanjun 

"VoxelDance software is a functional, cost effiective and stable data preparation software, which is very suitable for the dental digital solutions. "   

——Guo Hua, Technical Director 

Important software Features:

1, All of the crown cups face upright with one click.

2, Add labels freely.

3, 2D nesting with high density.

4, Multiple supports type include: bar and block supports.

5, Automatic support generation with scripts.

6, Efficient slicing and path scanning strategy.

7, Cost and buliding time estimate.

8, Generate report.



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Dental Crowns Printing

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Important software Features:

1, Build props to reduce deformation.

2, 2D nesting with high density.

3, Reliabel smart support, easy to remove and  automatically avoid parts, which reduce contact between supports and parts to improve surface quality.

4, Automatic support generation with scripts.

5, Efficient slicing and path scanning strategy.

6, Cost and buliding time estimate.

7, Generate report.

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Removable Partial

Dentures  Printing

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Dental implants, restoration teeth, dental /orthodontic dental molds and surgical guides printing

Important software Features:

1, Automatic repair.

2, Add labels freely.

3, 2D nesting with high density.

4, Honeycomb structure.

5, Automatic support generation with scripts,

6, Support types include: bar support and V-SUPPORT.

7, Efficient slicing



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"With Voxeldance' improved automatic Orientation for teeth function, we can speed up the orientation and positioning of up to 250 dental units on our EP-M150 platform in a single function. Together with the Automatic Support feature, Voxeldance Additive 3.0 helps to meet the high automation and productivity demands of our customers in the dental_en sector."

—— Application Specialist & Business  Development Manager, Enis Jost 

VoxelDance & Prismlab automate dental digital production

The optimized data preparation workflow can save 2-3 operating steps, about 10 minutes, which greatly improves the Prismlab SMS (sub-pixel micro Scanning) 3D printing digital manufaturing efficiency.

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