Eplus & VoxelDance meet the needs of dental customers for high automation and high productivity

Created on:2021-11-30 10:21


Eplus3D & VoxelDance  has been cooperating for more than two years, especially in the dental industry, where dental printing applications have developed from crown printing to Removable Partial Dentures Printing. Mature dental digital solutions have been able to achieve highly automated and efficient dental production.


"With Voxeldance' improved automatic Orientation for teeth function, we can speed up the orientation and positioning of up to 250 dental units on our EP-M150 platform in a single function. Together with the Automatic Support feature, Voxeldance Additive 3.0 helps to meet the high automation and productivity demands of our customers in the dental sector." 


 -- Eplus 3D Application Specialist & Business Development Manager,Enis Jost 


Today, a lot of Eplus 3D customers are printing crowns and bridges but also Partial Framework for the dental industry. After the MPBF-Process (Metal Powder bed Fusion), the printed parts will usually be heat treated on the platform to meet the strict mechanical property requirements.


In the image below, you can see a platform with 18 partial frameworks directly after printing. There was no post-processing applied to take the pictures.






VoxelDance’s automatic support function will create a stable support that is only attached to the lower side of the parts, which enables an easy support removal and a perfect part finish after polishing for the dental laboratory.




With Voxeldance, it's now possible to use a 5-click procedure to quickly orient the parts, create support and slice them. A lot of Eplus3D dental customers are laboratories that receive the printing files from smaller labs. They will use the modifying function to optimize or adjust the files for printing, if there is a lack of file quality. In the comprehensive Modify Feature, the mesh can be manipulated. Repairing down to changing every single triangle, extruding of selected surfaces, offsets or boolean operations are a matter of seconds.






The choice on Voxeldance is an easy one for our customers. Despite the unbeatable speed of orientation, nesting, support creation and slicing,  the full integration of all Eplus3D machinery and the great lifetime support as well as free updates of the ultimate version are a game changer to the industry.