Powerful Data Preparation Software
for additive manufacturing

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Voxeldance Additive

Voxeldance Additive is a data preparation software for additive manufacturing. Its powerful functions, optimized algorithm kernel and user-friendly design make your 3d printing business cost and time-efficient.

Powerful and advanced modules

Voxeldance additive is versatile.  It provides all the functions for 3D printing data preparation, includes file preparation, analysis and generate report. Its one integrated platform and user-friendly interface will save your time and make your printing workflow more efficiently.

3D Nesting

Save laser sinter time and cost

Automatically arrange your parts

With our highly optimized algorithm kernel, the nesting can be finished in a few seconds.

Sinter box function

You can protect the small and fragile parts by building a cage around them. It also would help you to retrieve them easily.

Smart Support

Reduce human error, save material and post processing time.

Truss structure design

Which could make full use of the strength of the material and save material.

Generates support where it is needed

Save material and reduce support removing time.

Tiny support contact point

Easy to break off and improve surface quality.

Choose the product you need

We offer you the premium version 30-day free trial and 4 different products to choose.

If you are interseted in our products, you can request trial or contact us to purchase it.

Powerful and advanced features

Voxeldance additive is versatil. It provide all the funciton for the data preparation , from file preaparation, analys and generate report. Its one intergrated platform and user friendly interface will reduce your time and make your printing workflow more efficiently.

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Support nearly all file formates, bridges the gap between CAD files and 3D printers.

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Repair your files

Identify  file errors, automaticlly or manually repair files to ensure water-tight data.

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3D Nesting

Automatically nest your parts in the building volum and avoid collision.

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Generate Support

Smart support module enable you to creat easy break-off contact point, reduce your post pro-cessing time. 

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Generate lattice with a few quick clicks to help you reduce weight and save material.

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Slice your parts and visualize the contours of each slice conveniently.

Customized your AM software

Voxeldance also provide professional software solutions for additive manufacturing. Our service is efficient and fast respond. Please contact us and let’s make the future of additive manufacturing together.
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