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Algorithm engineer


Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the research and coding of 3D printing related algorithms

2. Code transplantation, optimization, testing and maintenance of algorithm modules


Work requirements:

1. Master's degree or above in computer, geometry, mathematics, mechanics, CAD or related fields, or bachelor degree with outstanding ability

2. English CET6 or above, can read English graphics algorithm articles, published in SIGGRAPH/TOG PG, HPG, TVCG and other international conferences or journals is preferred 

3. Familiar with C++ programming language, good ability of algorithm analysis and design

4. Familiar with OpenGL

5. Have experience in computational geometry/digital geometry processing/graphics related algorithm development

6. Strong problem-solving skills and teamwork awareness

7. Proactive in work, good adaptability, and ability to promote uncertainty in work

8. Good  English, team player, and willing to share.

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C++ Software Development Engineer


Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the development and maintenance of Windows client CAM software and code reconstruction;

2. Responsible for the docking of C++ library and Python interface;

3. Participate in the development of SDK related to graphics processing technology;


Work requirements:

1. Familiar with C/C++,C++11/14 standard and STL;

2. Familiar with common data structures and algorithms, TCP/IP protocol, familiar with socket network and multi-threaded programming;

3. Proficient in Qt framework, Qt UI custom development and QML

4. Familiar with any scripting language such as Python/Lua is preferred

5. Experience in distributed system development or large-scale project development is preferred

6. Have knowledge of mathematical foundation and computer graphics

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Backend Development Engineer


Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the back-end architecture design and implementation of the company's website and graphics engine;

2. Participate in the design of system technical solutions, core code development, and system tuning;

3. Participate in the development of coding and testing specifications, establish development quality control methods;


Work requirements:

1. Familiar with C++ programming, STL, and C++11;

2. Familiar with database design and SQL language, proficient in the use of MySQL, Redis database;

3. Familiar with network programming, have a deep understanding of TCP, UDP, HTTP protocol;

4. Master Linux development and debugging tools (GCC, Cmake, GDB);

5. Master one or more scripting languages (Lua, Python, PHP, Shell).

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Front End Development Engineer


Job responsibilities:

1. Participate in the design, architecture design, and development of the company's product Web front-end related products;

2. Be responsible for turning creativity into reality and ensuring a smooth user experience;

3. Work with back-end development engineers to complete the development work;

4. In-depth understanding of the business, technology-driven product development, technology planning, and driving the landing.


Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer science, etc;

2. Experience in Web front-end development, and experience in three-dimensional visualization (WebGL) development is preferred;

3. Proficient in at least one MVVM framework, such as Vue/AngularJS/React. Those who have developed large-scale projects or complex single-page applications are preferred;

4. Proficient in HTML/HTML5/CSS/Javascript and other front-end technologies, capable of handwriting front-end page codes conforming to W3C standards and compatible with various browsers;

5. Familiar with WeChat applet/Alipay applet development process, with practical project experience;

6. Can independently complete the construction of the front end of the website.

construction of the front end of the website

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Software Sales


Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the promotion and sales of the company's software;

2. Find potential customers through various channels, invite and visit customers, and continuously explore sales opportunities

3. Regularly feedback the industry market and customer trends, communicate with department heads in a timely manner, and formulate corresponding sales strategies;

4. Participate in business negotiations, contract signing, assist in the implementation and after-sales service;

5. Find secondary sales opportunities and maintain good relations with customers;

6. Complete the sales performance targets and achieve the team's sales and payment returns;

7. Actively learn software professional knowledge and business knowledge, and can introduce and demonstrate product functions;

8. Other work matters in the sales department;


Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer-related and marketing is preferred

2. Experience in industrial software sales is preferred;

3. Good communication skills and skilled business negotiation skills;

4. Strong professionalism and sense of teamwork;

5. Frequent business trips