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Using the structures module within the VoxelDance Additive Ultimate software suite, the DREIGEIST team managed to dramatically reduce material consumption and printing time by replacing the massive traditional geometry by a hollowed out and structurally reinforced derivative while maintaining full dimensional accuracy and the performance of the original mold. 

——  DREIGEIST,Christopher, CEO

Case Study

Shoe last printing for BASF Forward AM

Just import all the formats.

Supports nearly all the file formats, bridges the gap between CAD files and 3d printers, Including: CLI Flies(*.cli), SLC Flies(*.slc), STL(*.stl), 3D Manufacturing Format(*.3mf), WaveFront OBJ Files(*.obj), 3DExperience(*.CATPart), AUTOCAD(*.dxf, *.dwg), IGES(*.igs, *.iges), Pro/E/Cro Files(*.prt, *.asm), Rhino Files(*.3dm), SolidWorks Files(*.sldprt, *.sldasm,*.slddrw), STEP Files(*.stp, *.step) etc.

Repairing files was never so easy.

Provides you powerful fix tools to create water-tight data and achieve perfect printing.

• Help you identify file errors.

• Automatically repair files just with one click.

Unique orientation for dental printing. Just with one click, all of the crown cups face in an upright positionare automatically. This reduces manual operation and greatly improves process efficiency and quality assurance.

Powerful Orientation


Nest Your Parts in 2D/3D Automatically

and Fast.

Voxeldance Additive not only can complete 2D/3D nesting placement quickly, it also provides multiple placement options. These options include X/Y-axis orientation, blade direction, and platform layout alignment.

Voxeldance Additive provides you powerful support types that are compatible to DLP, SLA, and SLM technologies. Support types include: bar support, point, line, block support and smart support. 

Multiple Supports for SLA, SLM and DLP.

Enhance your Slice Files with Hatches.

Voxeldance Additive could generate slice and add hatches with one click. Export slice file as multiple format, including CLI, SLC, PNG, SVG etc. Its integrated visualized interface allows you check slices and hatches conveniently.




Voxeldance Additive

Voxeldance Additive is a powerful 3D printing data preparation software for mainstream 3D printing applications such as prototype, shoe molds, resin/metal dentistry, jewelry, healthcare, education, industrial molds, consumer products etc. Suitable for SLM, SLA, DLP and SLS 3D printing technologies. Thanks to the optimized VDK geometry engine and highly streamlined workflow, users can quickly achieve 3D printing data preparation and the production efficiency and printing success rate have also been significantly improved.

Learn the data preparation workflow from BASF shoe mold printing

Milestone for Industruial Applications

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