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“ VoxelDance software has all the functions required for the data preparation of 3D printing data, and with the continuous upgrading of the software, the type of automatic support has been added, making the data preparation process more and more efficient. We are very happy to integrate VoxelDance into our entire process chain, provide a complete solution to customers in Europe, and provide corresponding training, and have received very good feedback in the market, especially in the field of dental printing. ”


 ——Zhang Zhen, Account Manager, Shining 3D Germany subsidiary

Learn our Partnership
Learn our Partnership

The VoxelDance team led by Dr. Zhang is a domestic scientific research team with leading technology. In the past year, we have witnessed the rapid growth of VD. The advanced algorithms and data processing capabilities of VD make us more confident to cooperate with Dr. Zhang’s team. Next, we will promote VD products to more users of TPM3D.


——Zhao Luan, TPM3D, Chairman

“ VoxelDance has enabled us to quickly go through several design iterations - maintaining focus on the product development. Instead of having to add support structures to each individual design, we used a Smart Support Template turning the printing part of the development into a click-and-print workflow. Thus, the designer had more time to work on the perfect fit design instead of spending hours on print preparation.”


-------- from Christopher, CEO & Co-founder, Dreigeist

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Today, the development of 3D printing hardware has far surpassed the development of software, so an innovative 3D printing software solution is a key factor to promote the development of the additive manufacturing industry.

As one of the few industrial 3D printing software companies with independent intellectual property rights, VoxelDance works closely with AM OEMs (Additive manufacturing Original Equipment Manufacturers) to provide them cutting-edge solutions and therefore unleash the full potential of 3D printers.


Let's work together and maximize the application of 3D printing!