Specification Sheet


Import CLI, SLC, STL, 3MF, PLY, OBJ, OFF files

Check part quality/Repair when importing

Automatically Place Part on Platform And/Or Center

Import the .VXP project file


Move (Put on Platform, Move to Platform Center)

Rotate (Enable Snapping, Preview, Keep original Z position)

Scale (Uniform, Preview, Scale to Fit)

Duplicate (Arrange with Gaps, Fit in platform)


On plate

Orientation Optimization (According to [1] Print time, [2] Support area, [3] Support volume, [4] Bounding box volume, [5] Auto orientation.)

Arrange (2D nesting) 

Hollow (even after generating support)

Custom Infill Structure (BCC, FCC)

Hole (size setting, keep subtract)

Label (flip text, mirror text)




Automatic Fix

One-click Basic Repair

One-click Advanced Repair

Detect corruptions on models

Orientation Repair

Close Holes

Remove Redundant Shells

Stitch Triangle

Split Intersection

Delete Intersection

Delete Sharp Triangles

Delete Duplicate Faces

Boolean Operation

Unite, Intersect, Subtract.

Merge Parts

Shells to Parts (Automatically split parts)

Wrap Outer Faces


Anti-aliasing, Support Anti-aliasing, Grey, Blur (Real-time preview)

Native Slice preview


STL/OBJ export with supports

Export ASCII STL (.ast), ASCII PLY (.ply), Object File Format (.off), 3D Manufacturing Format (.3mf) files

Unify Solid Support

Connection with UVTools


Support Presets (Light/Medium/Heavy)

Automatic Support Generation

Support scripts Save, Import and Export

Manual support creation

Automatic Island detector

Supports editing (add, delete, resize)

Custom support shapes (base, middle, tip)

Reinforce lowest points

Supports inside the model

No-support zones definition

Support area preview

Tip Type (Vertical, Perpendicular to Surface, Perpendicular to Surface as needed)

Bottom part connection

Ball connect

Part surface contact mode: Allow/Avoid

Base plate perforation

Plate type (Convex Hull, Rectangle, Minimum area, Project area)

Smart Support

Custom Scaffold Structure

Cluster length type (short, medium, long) 

Scale supports

Supports filter

Bar Support

Automatic Bracing

Break Point

Bar Cross Type (MST method, Min2 Method, Border Method)

Printer Settings

Printer Script Import/Export

Wait Time Setting

2 Stages of Movement Setting

Tolerance compensation

Scale factor

Anti-aliasing/Grey/Image blur

Enable/Disable Anti-aliasing of support


Wifi and Network printing (supported printers only)

Real-time display of the model volume and material cost

Import/export resin profiles

3D printing history export

Smart control panel

Multiple languages

5 activations per license

Technical Support

Themes Options (White, Dark)

Renaming Options

Space Mouse Support

DLP/LCD 3D printing 

slicing software for figure makers, engineers, and designers!

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