Free additive software is available for education.

The  Voxeldance Education Program is available free, and it is designed to be a single-user license of Voxceldance software for purposes of educational use only.

Purchase a Site License.

Schools, Universities or other teaching Institutions can purchase a Site License that would give access to the institution for teachers, professors, and students which can be fulfilled by a certified channel partner.  

1, Request  supports 

2, fill out sales under subject pull-down.  

3, Our sales team will assign a channel partner for you to work with.

About VoxelDance Education Program

Voxeldance has established a program that gives access to students and educational institutions access to products that are commercially available to digital factories today for additive.  The objective is to help build the skills and knowledge for successful development and awareness in the changing disciplines in additive manufacturing.  Voxeldance applications will allow students to gain core knowledge in design, build and print creations that have been assigned as learning projects that can be aligned with school curriculum.  The ability to establish learning building blocks for the future of digital manufacturing are the drivers behind the program for students and educators.

The  Voxeldance Education Program is available free, and it is designed to be a single-user license of Voxceldance software for purposes of educational use only. You will be able to access the additive software through the Voxceldance registration process found on our website.   The license you will receive is renewable annually as long as you are eligible based on the criteria below.

Voxeldance software accessed through the education program will contain all functionality available that are commercially available in the paid software licenses.  The most current version of the product will become available for use, Voxceldance will maintain the current release of the product and make that available for use in the program for users to upgrade.


Criteria Required 

Students will get a single-user access free for Educational Purposes of Voxeldance software. Access to the software will require you to submit a request on the website tab for education and fill out the request form, and you will be required to register the school, and/or program or project that you are in that the software will be used.  Once Voxceldance qualifies you for use and download, you will hace access to the software and receive the necessary instructions for download, as long as you remain a student or educator then your license is renewable annually.


Students that participate in the following:

- Universities/Colleges 
University students are eligible, as long as you can provide documentation of enrollment in a recognized and accredited educational institution.

- Graduate & Advanced Programs 
Students may participate in the Education plan in order to conduct advanced project or thesis work. This includes group project topics that have been given to complete around digital manufacturing and are part of a capstone or project course that is needed for a student's degree.

- Occupational & Manufacturing Industry school work  
Students participating in a company vocational program will be eligible through the Education program utilizing a school’s digital manufacturing equipment.

- Teachers, Professors and Faculty members 

Eligible educators are employees and independent contractors who have the primary purpose of teaching enrolled students at a qualified educational institution.


Not eligible for the Education plan 

- Course participants that offer training center programs  

Training facilities providing additive 3D printing classes, and re-training program will not quality for the education program guidelines, users attending such courses can sign up for a free.

- Professional instructors 

Professional instructors and independent contractors who work for a Voxeldance channel partner or an independent training provider will not eligible for the Education plan. You may be able to purchase a license or under your partner contract have Not for Resale (NFR) License copies available for use, based on the terms of your contract. 


Renewing access 

Your access to the Education plan will expire at the end of the trial period. You can renew your access as long as you are eligible and meet the criteria outlined.

Before the expiration of your trial licenses, you'll be sent an email reminder.  If you do not renew at the end of the one-year term, your free license will not re-new.