Voxeldance Additive 2.0 Software Update

Created on:2020-06-08 18:29


Since the release of the first version of Voxeldance Additive, more and more users have used our software and have given us a lot of valuable feedback and suggestions. Based on these feedbacks, we have made our mission clearer. After 6 months of hard work and development, and also experiencing a special period of new coronavirus pneumonia, we announced that we will release a new generation of data processing software-Voxeldance Additive 2.0, a faster and more powerful 3D printing data processing software. The update in Voxeldance Additive 2.0 include:

1, Automatic repair algorithm update.

2, 2D nesting algorithm update.

3, Support update for DLP.

4, Support module update for SLM.

5, Interactive update.

The most important updates are 2D nesting algorithm update, Support update for DLP and Support module update for SLM.



Here are some comments and printings from our users and partners who have tested 2.0 version.


 “Voxeldance makes it easy to switch over from other software and allows for faster working, since calculations happen quicker. Features which are additional in other software are already included from the start, without having to spend extra money. And the support is great, quick and always very precise.”

--------- from Marvin, Ego3D, 


"My settings for the smart supports are tuned enough to almost blindly trust the software. Only small check for touchdown points and send to the printer. Automatic fixing is really "one hit" and its fixed. Enough tools for manual modifications on board, if ever needed. 2.0 is really a milestone according support generation and model preparation. Continuous improvement and direct contact to the developers makes the software really your own. If you need a function that is not already build in, just drop an email and you can be sure, it’s in the pipeline.”

-------- from Florian, surface engine,

The picture is from surface engine


“ VoxelDance has enabled us to quickly go through several design iterations - maintaining focus on the product development. Instead of having to add support structures to each individual design, we used a Smart Support Template turning the printing part of the development into a click-and-print workflow. Thus, the designer had more time to work on the perfect fit design instead of spending hours on print preparation.

-------- from Christopher, Dreigeist,

The picture is from Christopher, Dreigeist



The automatic repair algorithm update in Voxeldance Additive 2.0 is huge. We test 4000 models in Thingi10k database, the Repair success rate can reach 99%Considering the complexity of the model could affects model repair efficiency, Voxeldance Additive 2.0 provides two different repair methods: standard repair and simple repair. Standard repair can make the model fully repaired. Simple repair won’t fix the intersections, so for some models with a lot of intersections, the repair efficiency can be improved under the premise that the model can be successfully printed.


before repair



after repair


For DLP printing surface exposure technology, Voxeldance Additive 2.0 will release the latest generation of DLP smart support (bar support of scaffolding structure). Compared with the common bar support, the cross-connect structure of the DLP smart support is stronger and improves the printing success. DLP smart support can automatically avoid support and part interference and reduce post-processing time.



DLP smart support


Bar supports are also available for DLP printing. Voxeldance Additive 2.0 adds a cross-linking method for connecting the border supports. The user could customize the parameters of the starting height, width, angle and interval height of the crossbar connection.



DLP users used Voxeldance Additive 2.0 to successfully print the hand-made parts. 

The picture is from Beijing Maiqu 3D Technology Co., Ltd.


The picture is from Beijing Maiqu 3D Technology Co., Ltd.


The SLM support module upgrade of Voxeldance Additive 2.0 includes automatic support scripts of various support types and flexible manual support. The support types include column support, lowest line support, body support, lowest point support, bottom plate, solid support and smart support. According to the setting angle, height and area parameters, users can customize different supports in different areas to meet a variety of printing demand. More powerful manual support function, including support area list, support template modification, support anchor point editing, etc., which can enable users to modify and add supports as they wish, to achieve the most perfect support design. In addition, the thickness of the linear support is increased, and the smart support adds a solid structure type.



Multi-support type automatic support script


Support area list and support template for manual support



block support add thickness



smart support add thickness



Support type: solid support



The 2D nesting of Voxeldance Additive 2.0 is denser and more powerful. The placement density is increased from 0.5mm to 0.1mm, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the printing platform and saves printing costs. To meet the various printing needs of users, our software provides multiple placement strategies, including placement according to the height of the parts, from the center or corner of the platform. To avoid the increase of the blade stroke at the end of printing, shorten the printing time, and improve printing efficiency.



2d nesting with 0.1 mm parts distance



place parts according to the height of the parts


place parts from the right



In terms of interaction, Voxeldance Additive 2.0 supports users quickly drag the platform and zoom in and out of the view, without a middle mouse button, greatly improving the user experience. For users without network activation, we added a QR code activation function to facilitate users to activate the software and avoid the problem of manual activation errors.