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The VoxelDance partner programs includes: Authorized, Premier, Premier Plus, Distributor, Development Partner, Integration Partner.



Our Authorized channel program is designed to allow partners to become familiar with our software solutions and prepare to start promoting the Voxeldance software with their customers. The program is designed to allow a partner to learn and expand their offerings in the additive manufacturing space.


·       Designed For partners to start learning about VoxelDance Solutions and enroll in a partner program that will allow entry level commitments. 

·       Will allow partners to expand their additive manufacturing solutions in their portfolio which is complementary to their existing offerings 

·       Commitment to promote and have trained sales and Pre-sales engineers in supporting additive software vertical disciplines that are supported by VoxelDance


Premier partnership

 Premier partnership is designed to leverage the skills of a partner team that is offering additive manufacturing solutions to customers today with experience in delivering a technical consultative approach in the various vertical disciplines that Voxeldance solutions support. The premier level of partnership_ requires sales and technical resources certified to provide Voxeldance software solutions, and a requirement is to maintain the levels of certification.

·       The Premier program is focused on driving revenue with VoxelDance solutions in the additive manufacturing space where the partner has built a team of sales and pre-sales supporting additive manufacturing solutions and is interested in supporting VoxelDance software offering that complement their offering.

·       VoxelDance will provide joint selling support for the customer within the assign territory.

·       The premier partner will participle in joint marketing activities and are the go-to partner in the territory or vertical discipline for sales and pre-sales technical support for VoxelDance customers.


Premier Plus partnership

Premier Plus partnership is designed to include all of the components of the Premier program with the addition of delivering on training, and consulting service offerings that Voxeldance will promote, as well as provide to customers level one support working alongside the Voxeldance support team.  The Premier Plus level of partnership requires sales, technical, and support resources to be certified to provide the Voxeldance set of offerings, and maintain the levels of certification.

·       The Premier Plus program is focused on driving revenue with VoxelDance in the additive manufacturing space and the partner has built a team supporting additive manufacturing solutions where VoxelDance software complements their offering.

·       The Premier Plus Partner will have access to joint selling and marketing support for customers within the assign territory.

·       The premier partner will participle in joint marketing activities and are the go-to partner in the territory or vertical discipline for sales and pre-sales technical support for VoxelDance customers.

·       The Premier Plus partner will offer first level support to the customers in the territory and will build a deeper knowledge base of technical skills in supporting customer.

·       This level of partnership will be offered the training to provide VoxelDance consulting/training services on behalf of our customers



The Distributor partnership is designed to leverage a centralized regional territory partner that has the ability to sign-up channel partners in their assigned territory to deliver the Voxeldance offerings. The Distributor will have the benefits of the Premier Plus program with the addition of a tailored offering that will support the needs of the distributor’s partners.  The Distributor is the central point of contact for the channel partners they sign, and they provide the support services to enable their partners. This level of partnership requires sales, technical, and support resources to be certified to provide the Voxeldance set of offerings, and maintain the levels of certification.


·       The Distributor program is designed to provide assistance to a partner that has build a business providing digital manufacturing solutions for their partners.

·       This program will allocate a VoxelDance territory where the partner has built a network of channel partners that can sell through and support VoxelDance solutions.

·       The Distributor will be the central point of contact as the Hub to a territory that will support their partners and will be responsible for all business management of the channel partners that is supporting VoxelDance solutions to that distributor.


Development Partner

The Development partnership was established to leverage the skills of a team of specialized technical capability and knowledge in the field that can offer assistance in applying Voxeldance expertise to existing and new customers that need assistance with integration into their factory, as well as support customers in our Beta program. The development partnership applies a set of skills that can support customers that are migrating to a new release of software, adopting new software solutions from Voxeldance in their factory, need specialized training, or help in operations workflow assessment. The development partnership can work with the channel partners to provide field support and assistance in putting a success plan together for migrations, upgrades or factory integration support for their customers. The development partner will work closely with Voxeldance to provide observations and enhancements to the enterprise solutions that are offered.


·       The Development Partner program is designed to provide assistance to VoxelDance product management teams in supporting a technical set of skills designed to test, troubleshoot and make recommendations to VoxelDance product management on field feedback about features and functions of the VoxelDance product offering.  

·       The Development Partner program will allocate a VoxelDance territory to the partner that will assist VoxelDance in participating and supporting Beta programs, working with assigned customers in the regional territory in leading the success of recommendations and feedback to VoxelDance Product management.

·       The Development Partner will assist in training customers and partners in a territory as well as support field consultative technical troubleshooting.


Integration Partner

The Integration partnership is designed to work closely with hardware and application software companies in the digital manufacturing space, offering an integrated solution that will streamline and combine the workflow for the partner product line specified. The partner and Voxeldance will work closely to establish best practices in their vertical discipline, and insure seamless integration into the digital factory with the bundle.  Voxeldance software will potentially utilize a set of APIs (Application Programming Interface) capability for application integration and/or establish with the partner the programming approach needed to successful implement the bundle solution.  


·       VoxelDance integrates with many hardware providers in the additive manufacturing space and has built various development partnerships that will allow hardware and software vendors the ability to interoperate with VoxelDance software for the digital factory. 

·       The VoxelDance OEM/Application partnership is designed to promote interoperability and seamless support for Hardware and application vendors to create a bundled solution offering with VoxelDance.

·       This partnership will provide the ability to closely work with both development teams to build efficiency in operations with the combined solutions being offered to their partners and customers.


Voxeldance Partner Registration


·       If your company is new to Voxeldance

Please Complete the Partner Registration online. You'll be asked to provide a brief profile of your company, and the level of partnership you are interested in with details about what your company provides to customers today in delivering digital manufacturing solutions in the market.  Each of our programs will look to leverage your technical, sales, and possibly support teams to assist in delivering Voxeldance solutions to new and existing customers.  

Once we receive your application the Voxeldance partner team will reach out to setup an overview of our programs and give a high-level technical presentation of our solutions.

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·       If your company is already a partner of Voxeldance

Please complete the Partner Registration online and specify that you are an existing partner, but are interested in exploring other partnership strategies Voxeldance is offering. Let us know the details of your interest to enroll into a new program and we will work with your team to ensure that we are addressing the right business approach for you.

Once we receive your application the Voxeldance partner team will reach out to setup an overview of our programs and discuss the alternatives you might be interested in.

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