What is new in Voxeldance Additive?

Update information of Voxeldance Additive

New features
  1. Shell.

2. Global Offset & Local Offset

3. Align parts’ main direction to Y-axis in 2D nesting


4. The “Border anchor distance”, “No support offset” and “Distance in part” parameters in DLP support.

5. The “Remove Overhang Perforation” parameters in Perforation, and Border Perforation parameters settings.

Optimized functions

1. The support will not be too dense with setting appropriate “Anchor distance” parameters.

Fix Bugs

1. The selected/unselected state of part in the part list.

2. The bar support collided with the part.

3. Lost some lowest point supports in DLP.

4. Mark Polygon/Circle/Ellipse and Remesh on the part which is not in the original position.

Update information of Voxeldance Additive

New features

1. Invert Part in Mark tools.

2. Separate Marked in Mark tools.

3. Copy Marked in Mark tools.

4. Unworkable area setting in the platform.

5. 2D/3D nesting in the circle platform and not in the unworkable area of the platform.

6, Stripe fill & Chess fill in Hatch slices.

7. The “on/off ” about Teeth in Line, block support.

8. Rotate angle in hatch filling of Block support.

9. Dividing support blocks in hatch filling of Block support

10. A prompt dialog will pop up when the platform size is over 10mm larger than the physical size of output picture which is the exported slice files in PNG and SVG format.

Optimized functions

1. The parameters of “Margin to part” & “Column height to width ratio” in Smart support. With setting them appropriately, the base of the generated support will not exceed the scope of the top view of the part.

Fix Bugs

1. The y direction mirror is reversed for the exported slice in PNG and SVG format.

2. The program crashed when creating part after doing some section view and undo operation.

Update information of Voxeldance Additive

1. Sliced based Z compensation.

For complicated models, like shoes, it is difficult to do Z compensation. It is time consuming or even fails. But slice based Z compensation can make the Z compensation fast and successful.

2. Adding PNG and SVG formate in exporting slice.

Exporting slice as PNG formate make the DLP printing possible.

3. Record your settings in slice-parameters-layer thickness and export formate for your next using.

4. Adding function “invert triangle visibility” in editing triangle.​

5. Adding function” press shift and drag a window” to deselect triangles. ​

6. Improve mark window function. You would not mark the inner surface of the shell.​

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