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Premium SinteringPremium
30-day trial
Import and Repair
Import common file formats
Import CAD file formats
Create primitives
Automatic mesh repair
Semi-automatic mesh repair
Manual mesh repair
Model editing
cutting tools
Pins and holes cutting
Lap joint cutting
Mirror, scale and duplicate
Merge and Split
Part hollowing
Mesh subdivision and reduction
Orientation and packing
Orientation optimizer
Orientation comparator
Minimize bounding-box
Move, rotate and align
Plannar Nesting
3D Nesting, subnesting
Create sinter box
Analysis tools
Live collision detection
Wall thickness analysis
Trapped volume analysis
Volume, cost, build time estimation
Report generation
Support generation
Volume, Line, Point support
Bar support
Automatic support scripts
Manual support creation
No-support zones definition
Angled volume supports
Support area preview
Smart Support
Smart support
Latticing and optimization
Lattice structures
Slicing tools
Slicing tools
Adaptive slicing
Slice visualization

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